IE6605 Production Planning and Control Previous Year Question Paper Download

IE6605 Production Planning and Control Previous Year Question Paper Download


  • To understand the various components and functions of production planning and control such as work study, product planning, process planning, production scheduling, Inventory Control.
  • To know the recent trends like manufacturing requirement Planning (MRP II) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

UNIT I  INTRODUCTION                                                                                                             

Objectives and benefits of planning and control-Functions of production control-Types of production- job- batch and continuous-Product development and design-Marketing aspect – Functional aspects- Operational aspect-Durability and dependability aspect aesthetic aspect. Profit consideration- Standardization, Simplification & specialization- Break even analysis-Economics of a new design.

UNIT II  WORK STUDY                                                                                                               

Method study, basic procedure-Selection-Recording of process – Critical analysis, Development – Implementation – Micro motion and memo motion study – work measurement – Techniques of work measurement – Time study – Production study – Work sampling – Synthesis from standard data – Predetermined motion time standards.

UNIT III  PRODUCT PLANNING AND PROCESS PLANNING                                                    

Product  planning-Extending  the  original  product  information-Value  analysis-Problems  in  lack  of product planning-Process planning and routing-Pre requisite information needed for process planning- Steps in process planning-Quantity determination in batch production-Machine capacity, balancing- Analysis of process capabilities in a multi product system.

UNIT IV  PRODUCTION SCHEDULING                                                                                        

Production Control Systems-Loading and scheduling-Master Scheduling-Scheduling rules-Gantt charts-Perpetual loading-Basic scheduling problems – Line of balance – Flow production scheduling- Batch  production  scheduling-Product  sequencing  –  Production  Control  systems-Periodic  batch control-Material requirement planning kanban – Dispatching-Progress reporting and expediting- Manufacturing lead time-Techniques for aligning completion times and due dates.

UNIT V  INVENTORY CONTROL AND RECENT TRENDS IN PPC                                           

Inventory control-Purpose of holding stock-Effect of demand on inventories-Ordering procedures. Two bin system -Ordering cycle system-Determination of Economic order quantity and economic lot size- ABC analysis-Recorder procedure-Introduction to computer integrated production planning systems- elements of JUST IN TIME SYSTEMS-Fundamentals of MRP II and ERP.

IE6605 Production Planning and Control Previous Year Question Paper for Regulation 2013  Download

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