ME6006 Design of Jigs Fixtures and Press Tools Previous Year Question Paper Download

ME6006 Design of Jigs Fixtures and Press Tools Previous Year Question Paper Download


  • To understand the functions and design principles of Jigs, fixtures and press tools
  • To gain proficiency in the development of required views of the final design.

UNIT I  LOCATING AND CLAMPING PRINCIPLES                                                                 

Objectives of tool design- Function and advantages of Jigs and fixtures – Basic elements  principles of location – Locating methods and devices – Redundant Location – Principles of clamping  Mechanical actuation – pneumatic and hydraulic actuation Standard parts – Drill bushes and Jig buttons – Tolerances and materials used.

UNIT II  JIGS AND FIXTURES                                                                                                   

Design and development of jigs and fixtures for given component- Types of Jigs – Post, Turnover, Channel, latch, box, pot, angular post jigs – Indexing jigs – General principles of milling, Lathe, boring, broaching and grinding fixtures – Assembly, Inspection and Welding fixtures – Modular fixturing systems- Quick change fixtures.


Press Working Terminologies – operations – Types of presses – press accessories – Computation of press capacity – Strip layout – Material Utilization – Shearing action – Clearances – Press Work Materials – Center of pressure- Design of various elements of dies – Die Block – Punch holder, Die set, guide plates – Stops – Strippers – Pilots – Selection of Standard parts – Design and preparation of four standard views of simple blanking, piercing, compound and progressive dies.

UNIT IV  BENDING AND DRAWING DIES                                                                                 

Difference between bending and drawing – Blank development for above operations – Types of Bending dies – Press capacity – Spring back – knockouts – direct and indirect – pressure pads – Ejectors – Variables affecting Metal flow in drawing operations – draw die inserts – draw beads- ironing – Design and development of bending, forming, drawing, reverse redrawing and combination dies – Blank development for axisymmetric, rectangular and elliptic parts – Single and double action dies.

UNIT V  OTHER FORMING TECHNIQUES                                                                                 

Bulging, Swaging, Embossing, coining, curling, hole flanging, shaving and sizing, assembly, fine Blanking dies – recent trends in tool design- computer Aids for sheet metal forming Analysis – basic introduction – tooling for numerically controlled machines- setup reduction for work holding – Single minute exchange of dies – Poka Yoke.

ME6006 Design of Jigs Fixtures and Press Tools Previous Year Question Paper for Regulation 2013 Download

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