IS 1200 -1976 Code Book PDF free download

IS 1200 -1976 Code Book PDF free download

This Indian Standard ( Part III) (Third Revision ) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 19 July 1976, after the draft finalized by the Civil Works Measurement Sectional Committeehad been approved by theCivil Engineering Division Council. Measurement occupies a very important place in planning and execution of any civil engineering work from the time of first-estimates to final completion and settlement of payments for the project. Methods followed for measurement are not uniform and considerable differences exist between practices followed by one construction agency and another and also between various Central and State Government departments; While it is recognized that each system of measurement h,as to be specifically related to the administrative and financial organizations within the department responsible for work, a unification of the various systems at technical level has been accepted as very desirable, specially as it permits a wider circle of operation for civil engineering contractors and eliminates ambiguities and misunderstandings arising out of inadequate understanding of various systems followed. Among the various civil engineering items, measurement of buildings was the first to be taken up for standardization and this standard having provisions relating to all building works, was first published in 1958 and then revised in 1964. In the course of usage of this standard by various construction agencies in the country, several clarifications and suggestions for modifications were received and as a result of study, the Sectional Committee decided that its scope, besides being applicable to buildings, should be expanded so as to cover civil engineering works like industrial and river valley project works. is : 1296 ( Part III ) – 1976  Since various trades are not related to one another, the Committee decided that method of measurement for each trade as given in IS : 1200- 1964* be issued separately as a different part, which will be helpful to specific users in various trades. This part covering method of measurement of brickwork applicable to building as well as civil engineering works was, therefore, issued as a second revision in 1970.  In the course of use of this standard in the past five years based on suggestions received, certain amendments were issued to this standard. This third revision has been prepared to incorporate these amendments.  For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, expressing the result of a measurement, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS :2-1960t. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard.

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IS 1200 -1976 Code Book PDF free download

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