IS 2720 -1990 Code Book PDF free download

IS 2720 -1990 Code Book PDF free download

This Indian Standard ( Part 31 ) ( First Revision ) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, after the draft finalized by the Soil and Soil Engineering Sectional Committee had been approved by
the Civil Engineering Division Council. The bearing ratio test ( generally known as the California bearing ratio test ) is an ad hock penetration test used for the evaluation of the strengths of sub-grade and bases for roads and runaway pavements. The results obtained from these tests are used in conjunction with the empirical curves, based on experience for the design of flexible pavements. The test gives empirical strength values which may not be directly related to fundamental properties governing the strength of soil. The test is either performed in the laboratory [ see IS : 2720 ( Part 11 ) : 1971 ] or directly in the field. The test may also be performed in the laboratory on undisturbed sample or sample re-compacted to the field density. The laboratory procedure has been covered in IS 27.0 ( Part 16 ) : 1987. This standard covers the method of test to be conducted in the field. This standard was first published in 1969. The principal modifications made in the revision are:
a) Revising the method of procedure based on the experience gained in the use of this test in the past 20 years;
b) incorporating the references of various Indian Standards some of which have been revised and some of them have been brought out as new standard; and
C) Incorporating SI units in place of metric units.

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IS 2720 -1990 Code Book PDF free download

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