IS 4968 -1976 Code Book PDF free download

IS 4968 -1976 Code Book PDF free download

This Indian Standard ( Part II ) ( First Revision ) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 22 December 1976, after the draft finalized ~by the Soil Engineering Section&l Committee had been approved. by. the Civil Engineering Division Council.  Dynamic cone penetration test is a simple device for probing the soil strata and it has an advantage over the standard penetration test that making of a bore hole is avoided. Moreover, the data obtained by come test provides a continuous record of soil resistance. The resistance JV,, ( NE Note ) to penetration in terms of blows per 30 cm of penetration of the cone specified in this standard and developed by the Central Building Research Institute, Doorkeeper, has been co-related quantitative to the standard penetration value N obtained in accordance wit uh IS:2131-1963*. Studies with a view to establish a definite co-relation -between NLRB and N values for different regions of the country progress. The Sectional Committee responsible for the preparation of this standard decided to publish this standard in the meantime so that it could serve as a basis of test to various investigators and others engaged in subsurface exploration for foundations and thus make the results of investigations comparable.In reporting the result of a test or analysis made in accordance with this standard, if the final value, observed or calculated, is to be rounded off, it shall be done in accordance with IS : 2-1960 t.

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IS 4968 -1976 Code Book PDF free download

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