IS 5525 -1969 Code Book PDF free download

IS 5525 -1969 Code Book PDF free download

This Indian Standard was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 22 December 1969, after the draft finalized by the Joint Sectional Committee for Concrete Reinforcement had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council and the Structural and Metals Division Council. Much time, effort and expense can be saved in the design office and at the site of work, if simple, clear and comprehensive drawings are prepared. Different practices have hitherto been followed in various design offices in detailing of reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete structures and this b s quite often resulted in waste of time and energy in interpretation of designers’ ideas and instructions by various agencies connected with fabrication and placement of reinforcement and construction of reinforced concrete structures. I! has !Jean z tempted in his standard to present unified and improved method: t f preparing drawings ;r o r the fabrication and placing of reinforcing steel i l: ~oi&rs~r! c;k i-t%: structures. The use of these improved methods, it is Cecily, ~\i!i not only result in better reinforced concrete construction but will also simplify and reduce the amount of work ordinarily required to prepare such Dix,: ins. These recommendations slow~rd be read in conjunction with IS : 456- 1964* and IS : 2502-1963 t. \While the common methods of detailing of reinforcement based on. good practice have been recommended in this standard, suitable decathlons may b c made in special cases, if warranted by design require me:;ts, provided they satisfy the requirements of IS : 456- 1964* and IS : 2502-1963 t and ensure adequate safety by analysis or test or both. For the purpose c:‘ &dicing \whether a particular requirement of this standard is corned \bile. ire Allegra Value, observed or calculated, expression the result of a test or anal\&, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS : 2-1960:. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the: specified value in this standard.

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IS 5525 -1969 Code Book PDF free download

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