IS 5817 -1992 Code Book PDF free download

IS 5817 -1992 Code Book PDF free download

This Indian Standard ( First Revision ) was adopted by the Bureau at Indian Standards after the draft finalized by the Building Lime and Lime Products Sectional committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. Lime-Poznan mixture concrete is found to have many desirable properties advantageous for use in road and building construction. The values of drying shrinkage of lime-Poznan mixture concrete have been observed to vary from 0.019 to 0.040 percent which comperes favorably with values of 0.024 to 0,038 percent and O-043 to 0.058 percent respectively for plain cement and Poznan cement concrete of 1 : 5 and 1 : 6 nominal mix proportions. The drying shrinkage values of lean cement concrete of mix proportions 1 : 16 and 1 : 20 are of the order of 0.06 to O-09 percent. From these, it is seen that lime-Poznan mixture concrete undergoes only negligible volume change after setting and initial shrinkage. Well compacted lime-Poznan mixture concrete is also found to be less permissible because it is more cohesive and plastic in nature than cement concrete of.equivalent strength. The bond strength between lime-Poznan mixture concrete and cement concrete is found to be of the order of l-5 to 2.0 MP when the time interval between laying of two layers in road and other pavement work is not more than one hour. Because of this characteristic, it is found that lime Poznan mixture concrete can be advantageously employed as a bonded underlay under thin cement concrete surfacing to obtain a composite, economical rigid pavement wherein the shear stresses developed at the inter-face of the two layers are taken care of by the bond strength developed between the two layers. This standard was first published in 1970. This revision has been prepared with a view to incorporate the modifications and improvements found necessary in the light of experience gained during the use of this standard. In addition to giving reference to the latest Indian Standards, this revision also incorporates the details of lime-Poznan mixture concrete made with quick setting lime-Poznan mixture according to IS 10772 : 1983 ‘Specification for quick setting lime-Poznan mixture’. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in
accordance with IS 2 : 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values ( revised )‘. The number of sign& cant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this Standard.

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IS 5817 -1992 Code Book PDF free download

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