IT8076 Software Testing Previous Year Question Paper Download

IT8076 Software Testing Previous Year Question Paper Download


  • To learn the criteria for test
  • To learn the design of test
  • To understand test management and test automation
  • To apply test metrics and

UNIT I  INTRODUCTION                                                                                                            

Testing as an Engineering Activity – Testing as a Process – Testing Maturity Model- Testing axioms – Basic definitions – Software Testing Principles – The Tester‘s Role in a Software Development Organization – Origins of Defects – Cost of defects – Defect Classes – The Defect Repository and Test Design –Defect Examples- Developer/Tester Support of Developing a Defect Repository.

UNIT II  TEST CASE DESIGN STRATEGIES                                                                        

Test case Design Strategies – Using Black Box Approach to Test Case Design – Boundary Value Analysis – Equivalence Class Partitioning – State based testing – Cause-effect graphing – Compatibility testing – user documentation testing – domain testing – Random Testing – Requirements based testing – Using White Box Approach to Test design – Test Adequacy Criteria -static testing vs. structural testing – code functional testing – Coverage and Control Flow Graphs -Covering Code Logic – Paths – code complexity testing – Additional White box testing approaches- Evaluating Test Adequacy

UNIT III   LEVELS OF TESTING                                                                                                

The need for Levels of Testing – Unit Test – Unit Test Planning – Designing the Unit Tests – The Test Harness – Running the Unit tests and Recording results – Integration tests – Designing Integration Tests – Integration Test Planning – Scenario testing – Defect bash elimination System Testing – Acceptance testing – Performance testing – Regression Testing – Internationalization testing – Ad-hoc testing – Alpha, Beta Tests – Testing OO systems – Usability and Accessibility testing  –  Configuration  testing  –Compatibility  testing  –  Testing  the  documentation   –  Website testing.

UNIT IV  TEST MANAGEMENT                                                                                               

People and organizational issues in testing – Organization  structures  for  testing  teams  –  testing services – Test Planning – Test Plan Components – Test Plan Attachments – Locating  Test Items – test management – test process – Reporting Test Results – Introducing the test specialist – Skills needed by a test specialist – Building a Testing Group- The Structure of Testing Group- .The Technical Training Program.

UNIT V  TEST AUTOMATION                                                                                                   

Software test automation – skills needed for automation – scope of automation – design and architecture for automation – requirements for a test tool – challenges in automation – Test  metrics and measurements – project, progress and productivity metrics.

IT8076 Software Testing Previous Year Question Paper for Regulation 2017 Question Paper Download

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  • IT8076 Software Testing Nov/Dec 2019 Question Paper

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