CS8493 Operating Systems Previous Year Question Paper Download

CS8493 Operating Systems Previous Year Question Paper Download


  • To understand the basic concepts and functions of operating
  • To understand Processes and Treads
  • To analyze Scheduling algorithms.
  • To understand the concept of
  • To analyze various memory management
  • To understand I/O management and File
  • To be familiar with the basics of Linux system and Mobile OS like iOS and

UNIT I   OPERATING SYSTEM OVERVIEW                                                                           

Computer System Overview-Basic Elements, Instruction Execution, Interrupts, Memory Hierarchy, Cache Memory, Direct Memory Access, Multiprocessor and Multicore Organization. Operating system overview-objectives and functions, Evolution of Operating System.- Computer System Organization Operating System Structure and Operations- System Calls, System Programs, OS Generation and System Boot.

UNIT II  PROCESS MANAGEMENT                                                                                       

Processes – Process Concept, Process Scheduling, Operations on Processes, Inter-process Communication; CPU Scheduling – Scheduling criteria, Scheduling algorithms, Multiple-processor scheduling, Real time scheduling; Threads- Overview, Multithreading models, Threading issues; Process Synchronization – The critical-section problem, Synchronization hardware, Mutex locks, Semaphores, Classic problems of synchronization, Critical regions, Monitors; Deadlock – System model, Deadlock characterization, Methods for handling deadlocks, Deadlock prevention, Deadlock avoidance, Deadlock detection, Recovery from deadlock.

UNIT III   STORAGE MANAGEMENT                                                                                         

Main Memory – Background, Swapping, Contiguous Memory Allocation, Paging, Segmentation, Segmentation with paging, 32 and 64 bit architecture Examples; Virtual Memory – Background, Demand Paging, Page Replacement, Allocation, Thrashing; Allocating Kernel Memory, OS Examples.

UNIT IV   FILE SYSTEMS AND I/O SYSTEMS                                                                         

Mass Storage system – Overview of Mass Storage Structure, Disk Structure, Disk Scheduling and Management, swap space management; File-System Interface – File concept, Access methods, Directory Structure, Directory organization, File system mounting, File Sharing and Protection; File System Implementation- File System Structure, Directory implementation, Allocation Methods, Free Space Management, Efficiency and Performance, Recovery; I/O Systems – I/O Hardware, Application I/O interface, Kernel I/O subsystem, Streams, Performance.

UNIT V   CASE STUDY                                                                                                               

Linux System – Design Principles, Kernel Modules, Process Management, Scheduling, Memory Management, Input-Output Management, File System, Inter-process Communication; Mobile OS – iOS and Android – Architecture and SDK Framework, Media Layer, Services Layer, Core OS Layer, File System.

CS8493 Operating Systems Previous Year Question Paper Regulation 2017 question paper Download

  • CS8493 Operating Systems Apr/May 2019 Question Paper
  • CS8493 Operating Systems Nov/Dec 2019 Question Paper

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