ME8491 Engineering Metallurgy Previous Year Question Paper Download

ME8491 Engineering Metallurgy Previous Year Question Paper Download


  • To impart knowledge on the structure, properties, treatment, testing and applications of metals and non-metallic materials so as to identify and select  suitable  materials  for various engineering

UNIT I  ALLOYS AND PHASE DIAGRAMS                                                                           

Constitution of alloys – Solid solutions, substitutional and interstitial – phase diagrams, Isomorphous, eutectic, eutectoid, peritectic, and peritectoid reactions, Iron – carbon equilibrium diagram. Classification of steel and cast Iron microstructure, properties and application.

UNIT II  HEAT TREATMENT                                                                                                    

Definition – Full annealing, stress relief, recrystallisation and spheroidising – normalising, hardening and Tempering of steel. Isothermal transformation diagrams – cooling curves superimposed on I.T. diagram CCR – Hardenability, Jominy end quench test – Austempering, martempering – case hardening, carburizing, Nitriding, cyaniding, carbonitriding – Flame and Induction hardening – Vacuum and Plasma hardening. .

UNIT III   FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS METALS                                                              

Effect of alloying additions on steel- α and β stabilisers– stainless and tool steels – HSLA, Maraging steels – Cast Iron –  Grey, white, malleable, spheroidal – alloy  cast irons, Copper and copper alloys -Brass, Bronze and Cupronickel – Aluminium and Al-Cu – precipitation strengthening treatment – Bearing alloys, Mg-alloys, Ni-based super alloys and Titanium

UNIT IV  NON-METALLIC MATERIALS                                                                                     

Polymers – types of polymer, commodity and engineering polymers – Properties and applications of various thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers (PP, PS, PVC, PMMA, PET,PC, PA, ABS, PI, PAI, PPO, PPS, PEEK, PTFE, Polymers – Urea and Phenol formaldehydes)- Engineering  Ceramics – Properties and applications of Al2O3, SiC, Si3N4, PSZ and SIALON –Composites- Classifications- Metal Matrix and FRP – Applications of Composites.


Mechanisms of plastic deformation, slip and twinning – Types of fracture – Testing of materials under tension, compression and shear loads – Hardness tests (Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell), hardness tests, Impact test lzod and charpy, fatigue and creep failure mechanisms.

ME8491 Engineering Metallurgy Previous Year Question Paper for Regulation 2017 question paper Download

  • ME8491 Engineering Metallurgy Apr/May 2019 Question Paper
  • ME8491 Engineering Metallurgy Nov/Dec 2019 Question Paper

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