IS 6533 -1989 Code Book PDF free download

IS 6533 -1989 Code Book PDF free download

This Indian Standard (Part 1) (First Revision) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on 20 April 1989, after the draft finalized by the Structural Engineering Sectional Committee had been approved by the Structural and Metals Division Council. This standard was first published in 1971. On suggestions by practicing engineers and representatives of various organizations in the country, the Sectional Committee decided to bifurcate the standard in two parts, separating structural aspects from the mechanical aspects as follows:
Part 1 Mechanical aspects, and
Part 2 Structural aspects.
The present practice of design of steel chimney recognizes the influence of aerodynamic shadow on the height of chimney and this aspect has been taken into account in this revision in addition to the consideration of regulations on atmospheric pollution. Design and construction of chimneys has become specialized field with scope for the further research and modifications. Therefore, attempt has been made in this standard (Part 1) to cover only the basic requirements. The designer should use his discretion in the use of research data available. Appendix G of the earlier version of the standard had dealt with the calculation of dispersion in atmosphere of emission of dust and sulfur dioxide from power and steam generating chimneys only. In this standard (Part 1) a more generalized approach for the determination of height of chimneys in relation to concentration of pollutants has been included keeping in view an acceptable air quality standard at the ground level. In the preparation of this standard, considerable assistance has been derived from BS 4076 : 1978 ‘Specification for steel chimneys’, covered by the British Standards Institution, UK. This edition 2.1 incorporates Amendment No. 1 (October 1997). Side bar indicates modification of the text as the result of incorporation of the amendment

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IS 6533 -1989 Code Book PDF free download

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